Waiver Disclaimer Form

TRI2O - Rules and Regulations / Waiver Disclaimer Form


All swimmers agree to swim entirely at their own risk and in the unlikely event of injury, accident, loss or damage suffered, regardless of however it may be caused no responsibility whatsoever shall be attached to the organisers, sponsors, or any persons involved in the organisation of Tri20 Open Water Swim Centre at Hi5.

I agree to follow all rules and instructions from Tri20 Open Water Swim Centre organisers and personnel helping at the lake.

I certify that I am physically fit and have no pre-existing medical conditions that would affect me swimming in open water. I am healthy and have no KNOWN medical conditions.

I acknowledge all risks associated with swimming at Tri20 Open Water Swim Centre.

I waive, release and discharge the Tri20 Open Water Swim Centre, their organisers, My Sporting Times and Hi5 and I will not make any claim against them.

I agree to swim at my own risk and understand the dangers associated with swimming in open water, with the potential for serious personal injury and property loss.

I will make sure that I enter and exit the water within the times stipulated by the organisers.

I agree to make my donation by purchasing a single or multiple swim ticket prior to swimming.

I will not swim at the Tri20 Open Water Swim Centre unless authorised by the Tri20 Open Water Swim Centre & organisers during one of the advertised session times (see http://www.mysportingtimes.com/tri20-swim-centre for further information)

Triathlon Club [if applicable]

All swimmers must sign a declaration agreeing to obey all the clauses laid down in these rules and regulations. These rules are established with safety as the most important concern but we are also dedicated to helping you have a really enjoyable experience with Tri20 Open Water Swim Centre.

By signing this agreement if for any reason you are not a BTF Member you waive all rights and are agreeing to swim entirely at your own risk.


I have read this document and understand its contents. Adding your name and details to the following form constitutes your signature and acceptance of the above information.

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